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Rebuild - $100.00

Our rebuild includes complete disassembly. All internal and external parts are cleaned and checked with micrometer for wear. Includes fluid change and nitrogen recharge. 
(All vintage pre-1990 shocks = $120.00)

Revalve - $225.00

Our revalve includes a complete rebuild plus our exclusive three stage valving, which is customized to each individual rider’s height, weight, type of riding, terrain and skill level. Take it to the next level by adding a 7075 hard anodized, Pro-Action alloy piston for an additional $95.00. 

  • (All vintage pre-1990 shocks = $250.00)
  • Revalve with PRO-ACTION piston = $320.00
  • KTM shock rebuild = $125.00
  • KTM shock revalve = $250.00
  • ATV Twins shock rebuild = $150.00
  • ATV Twins shock revalve = $400.00/Pair

Additional Shock Parts and Service

  • Seal and Bushing installed = $45.00
  • Reservoir Bladder installed = $30.00
  • Piston Rings installed = $15.00 each
  • Piston Expander Ring installed = $3.00 each
  • Shock Spring = $115.00
  • $175.00 - Shaft rechroming that includes precision grinding of the shaft to its lowest spot. Shaft then rechromed with hydraulic industrial hard chrome

(We sell new Elka shocks for ATV’s – Call for pricing)


Rebuild - $100.00 Pair

Our rebuild includes complete disassembly. All internal and external parts are cleaned and inspected for wear. The valves are then decontaminated and the fluid is changed.

Revalve - $250.00

Our revalving includes a complete rebuild plus precision machined piston and internal valving which is customized to each rider’s height, weight, type of riding, terrain and skill level.

  • KTM fork rebuild = $100.00
  • KTM fork revalve = $250.00

Additional Fork Parts and Service

  • Fork Seals installed = $12.50 each
  • Slider Bushings installed = $12.50 each
  • Engagement Bushings installed = $15.00 each
  • Fork Springs = $115.00 pair

*Fork seals and bushings supplied by the customer are subject to a $15.00 installation charge and are not covered by Pro-Action's limited warranty.


Motor work done by appointment only, please call for information.



All shipping is UPS Ground Service unless otherwise specified. Blue Label, next day air and Saturday delivery are available upon request.


All work and parts are shipped COD cash or money order ONLY. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.


All pre-payments should be prearranged and paid by money order, Visa or MasterCard. No personal checks.

Damage in Shipping

Any damages in shipping are the sole responsibility of the carrier. PRO-ACTION is in no way liable for any damages in shipping

Shipping Charges

All shipping charges are FOB from PRO-ACTION. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from PRO-ACTION. PRO-ACTION will not accept COD packages from the customer.

Same day rush service is available for suspension ONLY = $75.00

Prices are subject to change without prior notification. 
Prices may vary outside the continental United States.

All work performed by PRO-ACTION is guaranteed for 30 days against defects in workmanship or materials. 
All revalve work is guaranteed for a period of 15 days to the customer’s satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with the revalve work, please contact us immediately. We will either help you adjust your suspension or we will revalve it again. Sorry, no cash refunds.

Warranty only applies to parts worked on or parts replaced. Last Updated - 12/16/09